Stress/Anger Management

Anger Management

The primary objective of Chetana Hospital Anger Management Programme is to provide individuals and community with an individualised and also group (group therapy) workshop programme. This Programme has been designed to reduce the incidence of high-risk behaviour by

  1. Recognising the experience of victims of aggression and violence and
  2. Negative impact on, the perpetrators and their families of, aggressive behaviour.

The content and objectives are based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy principles, which allow members to consider how their own thoughts and feelings directly influence their behaviour.

Through teaching, discussion and other group learning activities, participants begin to understand how they behave, their effect on others, and the broader consequences of their actions including full personal responsibility for their behaviour.

Increasing self-awareness and self-assessment is fundamental to the programme. In order to facilitate growth in this area group members challenge distortions, assumptions and belief systems, which may otherwise justify and validate aggressive and violent conduct.

4 Modules

  • Perspectives on Anger and Aggression
  • Self-awareness and monitoring
  • Skills of Anger management
  • Conflict resolution, prevention and Negotiation.

Stress Management

The causes for stress are many - especially in the rat race that nearly everyone seems to be participating without time to relax and think for themselves. The need to keep running just to stay afloat is the feeling nearly every one experiences - the need to fill every second productively is one of the major reasons for stress.

We at Chetana Hospital help you understand the reasons for your stress and what steps would be ideal to overcome stress by getting you to have 360 degree view of your life.

For details regarding the individual sessions or group therapy workshops/seminars kindly ask at the reception/front desk and take an appointment with our clinical psychologists/psychiatrists. 

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